Maximize Your College Experience!

Regardless if it’s your first year or last year on campus, college can be very intimidating, stressful, and nerve-wracking. The reality is that many colleges offer a variety of resources that are available on campus to help YOU succeed. Some people view college as a “huge expense”. College should be viewed as a “HUGE INVESTMENT”. Let’s start learning how to Maximize Your College Experience!



In this session YOU will learn:


• The importance of setting goals, and how it will help YOU Succeed in college

• The 3 types of people YOU MUST connect with to gain massive success in college

• How to build confidence and increase YOUR chances of succeeding in college

• How to develop a positive mindset that’s healthy for EVERYDAY success



How To Go From Learning To Earning!

Many college students believe that they WILL have lined up full-time employment before they finish college. Unfortunately, this belief is changing for many. One of the biggest challenges recent graduates face is securing an actual J-O-B. In engaging fashion, Garrett teaches students one of the most important skills needed for transitioning into the workforce. The art of NETWORKING.



In this session YOU will learn:


• How to market your skills to prospective employers

•The importance of getting involved on campus

• How to create and maintain a professional and responsible social media presence

• How to meet new people and build sustainable relationships so others want to refer YOU or  Hire YOU!

• How to build an effective elevator pitch that adds value




The Game Plan to Success! (Setting/Achieving Goals)


This program has been designed to give attendees a blueprint that allows them to take their goals, dreams, aspirations and make them become a reality. In sports, the coach comes up with a solid game plan for the team to execute and win the game. It all starts with foundation. In real estate, the foundation of property will determine how strong or how long the home or building will last for. In education, business, and life, setting/achieving goals serves as the foundation of your success!




Attendees will learn:


• A 4-step process of how to make goals and aspirations become a reality

• How setting goals can help you get to your finish line

• The importance of discovering your purpose!

• How education plays a key role in your success

• The art of Focus and how to develop/maintain it in your life!




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